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Scholarship Program

Scholarship Application (2).pdf

The Mortimer C. and Elizabeth Ann Schaidt Scholastic Tuition Fund (Schaidt Scholarship) was created by the Mortimer C. Schaidt Trust of 1996.  It is this Trust document that provides the parameters under which the scholarship monies can, and will, be awarded.

Mission - to provide a substantial contribution toward the tuition expense of obtaining a post high school degree or certification issued by an accredited institution.  The degree or  certification obtained may be those bestowed by a graduate program, a 2 - or 4 - year college or university, or a trade or technical institutions.  The “accreditation” will be determined by either the appropriate educational system or by a governing authority of a particular profession.

Scholarship Award - Provides a maximum of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) per student, per school year, for a maximum of 4 school years (or 8 concurrent, traditional semesters).  No exceptions or extensions to this timeframe will be entertained.  The monies awarded under the Schaidt Scholarship are not repayable, nor will they be reported to the IRS as taxable income.

Scholarship Requirements - Information provided by the student on the scholarship application will be used to determine a numeric score.  That scoring will be based on the following parameters: